Thursday, August 03, 2006

Where the wonder is

The following is an excerpt of an article in today's MingPao Daily (August 3, 2006). The name of the article is:

殺校陰影下 辦各類活動示誠意

It's pity that no one cares about the development of our next generation to be a true human. People care about whether they are the most equipped or not. When they see someone next to them got equipped with "A", "B", and "C", they would go one step further by pursuing "D" as well. If there is 1 second of spare time, the society pushes our kids to fill it up with a tuition or two. The society is terrible that competition is everywhere. People are fiercely yet fearfully compete for a buoy, hopefully to gain some sense of safety, but in vain. What is the fear deep in our heart? Can we enjoy a moment of solitude, joy or peace? We decorate christmas tree with lots of nice little things, but we do not need to decorate ourselves as if christmas trees. The more decoration the tree has, the less real part of the tree people can see. The tree itself is already a wonder.

"...天主教郭得勝中學學務主任劉瑤紅如數家珍︰「7月初有中一二精進班、7至8月有各級補習班、8月初會考放榜 輔導、中一新生往黃埔軍校訓練、舉行各種興趣班及各組課外活動……」她說,補習班是自願性質,亦能開到15班之多,可見家長需求之大,而頻密舉辦活動是為 讓學生有多元發展,以及提高應試能力,教師縱然增加了工作,也樂意承擔。..."